Testimonial 5

Arestia is, by far, one of the most talented creatives and producers I’ve ever worked with. We first collaborated to build a content marketing practice at a top agency, and I hired her again to lead brand creative at The Daily Beast. Her taste, drive and smarts are all among the best I’ve seen. Total star.

--Mike Dyer, Transformational media and marketing executive & Former CEO of The Daily Beast

Testimonial 2

Arestia has a rare talent that allows her to take someone’s words and transform them into a coherent and intriguing narrative. She was easy to work with, open to suggestion, and strongly opinionated when I needed. When reading the work Arestia did on my content, I realized what was so special about it: It was my voice, my words, my emotion… only enhanced and fine tuned with what I can only describe as delicate fitness. Her precise use of language maintains a poetic cadence that is truly impressive. I would absolutely work with Arestia again and plan to.

--Joshua Evans, Founder Enthusiastic You!

Testimonial 1

Arestia is one in a million. I could tell you that she has passion, drive, energy, a trained eye for storytelling, grace under immense pressure, creativity, and more. As evidence, I could point to any of the many multi-award-winning films she's produced internationally for our clients. I could mention that outside of her day job she's started an organization called Boston Content from scratch, and grown it to include almost a thousand local content creators, or that in her free time she casually wins The Moth's StorySLAMs when they come to town. But aside from all those impressive results, she's someone I always look forward to working with, because I know she'll want to make something amazing, whatever the assignment -- and that she has the ability to get it done right, and make the hard work fun along the way.

--Jamie Scheu, SVP, Director - Experience Design at Hill Holliday